An Emmy Award Production

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As a leading San Diego event production company, AV101 is often put in charge of some major events for our clients. Tonight is one such night; AV101 is staging the Emmy’s. We are setting up the entire event for a live broadcast on Channel 4 San Diego.

When it comes to large events like this, we are often given special requests by our clients. In this case, the client requested that a large Emmy statuette be projected onto the walls by the main entrance. This effect is accomplished through a specially made gobo that is inserted into our Elipsoidal lights. The gobo is specially designed and laser cut, to ensure a precise match to the original artwork, in this case, the Emmy Statuette outline. As you can see from the photo, the artwork is quite complicated but was still duplicated faithfully.

Additionally, AV101 is in charge of setting the stage (literally) for the event. We provide the lights, props and pipe and drape for the venue. For a gig like this, the setup typically begins around 7:30 am. We will load our gear in to the venue and begin setting up within about 10 minutes of arrival. Depending on the size of the job, this setup process can take anywhere from 6 hours to several days. For this particular event, we came in a day early to set up and get things arranged.

The next day was mostly some fine tuning of all the technical aspects, followed by a rehearsal of the show itself. The rehearsal went great and the Emmy people brought in some top quality entertainment to liven things up on the stage. We loved being a part of the Emmy’s and we’re definitely looking forward to next years’ festivities.

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