February 9, 2011


AV 101 makes sure that your mutimedia material looks its best. Equipped with the latest in projection and display technology, we are prepared to handle any format your presenters arrive with. Our experienced staff ensures that presenters feel confident knowing their PowerPoint presentation will be displayed in the way they intended.


Our DLP and LCD Projectors can handle any input resolution up to 1080P (Full HD). We offer projectors that can output between 3000 lumens all the way to 15,000 lumens. With this kind of projection flexibility, you can be assured your presentation will be visible regardless of the size of your event’s room.

AV101 utilizes both front and rear projection screen technology for it’s projection media. We understand that each event has a unique set of requirements, and by utilizing both types of screen system, AV101 is always prepared for any situation. We also have screen sizes ranging from 6′x8′ all the way to giant 50 foot screens.

Video Wall

For events where projectors are impractical, an LED video wall is often an ideal solution. AV101 can supply a your event with an LED video wall that features 10mm elements. We’ve found the 10mm LED is equally well suited for both outdoors and indoor events. Of course, our LED video walls come complete with a qualified operator to setup and run it to your specifications.


We can provide your presenters with confidence monitors to follow up their notes or cue their presentations. We also have a wide array of LCD television monitors sized from 17″ to 55″. These monitors are great for use in exhibition halls, green rooms, hallways and more. If you need a freestanding monitor near the entrance to your event to display a schedule, we have sturdy floor mounts for raising monitors to eye level.


AV101 uses top-of-the-line Sony DSR-500′s to record your events. We have extremely powerful zoom lenses that allow us to place the camera literally at the back of the room and still get detailed closeups of the  presenters on stage. These cameras can output a signal that is suitable for televised broadcast and online webcasting. Should you desire a video archive of your event, we can record the entire event directly to a portable hard drive for your future use.

One very specialized cable can deliver high-definition images  from our video cameras directly to the screens on stage. This helps keep your audience alert longer and minimizes eye strain from audience members near the back of the house. IMAG is the perfect solution for large events where attendees may not be able to sit close enough to the presenter to actually see what they are doing.

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