February 9, 2011

Miscellaneous Services

AV101 has more than just the basic event production gear. We also come prepared with all the essential, yet oft forgotten, things that can make or break an event.


Speaker Ready Room

We can set up an isolated room for your presenters to review their presentations and make any changes. We preload each presenter’s presentation onto a laptop for easy editing. Should they require assistance, our technicians are always present to help.


Drape is a great way to influence your audience mood. Bright colors can excite and enthuse audiences. For a more serious event, muted earth tones can set the mood equally well. Catch their attention with a stylish look in a gamut of colors.

Pipe and Drape
Nobody wants to stare at a hotel wall for 8 hours. To cover up this empty void we offer Black, Presidential Blue, Grey, Fiber Optic Drape to create a more immerse environment for your event. Naturally, AV101 has all the essential rods and bases to fit your event size.

If you need representation at an expo, AV101 can set up your booth, tables, chairs, skirts & wastebaskets.

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