February 8, 2011


Create a more dramatic look for your keynotes speakers or presenters. A well-lit presenter will carry a more impressive presence on stage. Proper lighting adds a remarkable effect to any presentation.

Decor Lighting

The simplest way to transform any room into something truly remarkable, decor lighting creates the mood you’re after. Add a splash of color to walls, columns, tables, buffets. If your event has a specific color scheme, we can easily match our lighting to fit. We can light your event’s hallway, breakout rooms or the entire ballroom!

Set Lighting
Get your audience’s attention from the moment they arrive with dramatic set lighting. Create a dazzling effect with different colors and textures on the stage. For a greater effect we can even add your company’s logo or graphics to our intelligent lights and project it across the stage or throughout the room.

Stage Lighting

AV101 ensures your stage is well lit so  your presenters can be seen from across the entire room. We always employ theatrical lighting techniques to ensure that your presenters are seen without annoying facial shadows.

Spot Lighting

The perfect way to call attention to a person in the audience, spot lights can increase the excitement of your event.  Our follow spots can pick up award winners from the audience or simply create a more intimate feel for on stage talent.

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