April 11, 2011


AV 101 has all sorts of computers and electronic devices to make your presentation run smoothly.

For your convenience, we can supply Macbook Pro’s loaded with the latest version of OSX and we can supply high performance HP notebooks running Windows 7 operating system. All our laptops are rigorously tested after each event to ensure stability and compatibility. We also have all the necessary presentation software for both operating systems, as well as the complete Microsoft Office Suite for advanced document editing and creation.

Internet Services
Depending on your needs, AV101 can provide your event with a protected wireless network, a dedicated hardline internet connection or both. If you wish to provide internet service to all of your atendees, we will work together with the hotel’s tech support staff to make the process as simple as possible.

Interactive Elements
As social networking becomes more popular, we’ve noticed many events utilizing the power of social media to promote themselves. We can help you leverage this terrific resource by actively promoting and displaying a Twitter Stream throughout your event. With a few strategically placed monitors set to display current Tweets about your event, you can generate tremendous buzz for your event. If you’re an annual event, that buzz can even help to sell your event for the next year!

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