March 3, 2012

Breakout Room Package

Complete with everything you’ll need to accommodate a room of up to 150 people, our Breakout Room Packages are perfect for your smaller events and breakouts. With the AV101 General Session Package, you’ll also have our AV101 Staff on-hand to provide complete set-up and strike (removal) of all the gear listed below. All of our packages are comprehensive and include the necessary video, audio and computer cables.

AV101 knows that every event is different and some events may need only video or only audio for their breakout room. That’s why we’ve split our Breakout Room Packages into two different types: Video and Audio. If you need both audio and video for your breakout room, we’ll bundle them together into one package at a discounted rate!

Here’s a full list of everything included in the Breakout Room Packages:

Video: Projection System for up to 150 person room

Audio: Sound System for up to 150 person room

Note: Extra charges may be incured for set-up or strike time that fall outside of standard 9 am – 5 pm business hours

Add-On Packages

Don’t let your new event go unlit or undocumented! Check out our Add On Packages for things like Stage Lights and Video Cameras!

Lighting Packages - Click for more info

Video Camera Packages - Click for more info

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