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What is that thing anyway?

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San Diego Event Production, VID-P100, Sony, AV101, BestThis device on the right? The thing that looks like some sort of photocopier with lamps and a camera stuck to it? That’s a crucial piece of AV presentation gear called the Sony VID-P100. The VID-P100 is a sort of digital overhead projector, much like the ones that were so popular in college classrooms for the greater part of the last century.

Essentially, the VID-P100 is a video camera that records and displays whatever is placed on the tray below it. The tray is lit evenly on both sides by two fluorescent lights which minimizes any chance of seeing a distracting shadow on whatever is being filmed. The lights can be turned off independently as well, if a presenter just wants a single light.

The flat area where documents are placed has the ability to be backlit as well, which means the VID-P100 can also act as an overhead projector if a transparency is placed on it. Same goes for 35MM slides. The video camera can actually be zoomed in up to 10X, so if there are small objects on the tray, they’ll still be easy to see on screen.,

The video camera on the unit can rotate 90 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise, relative to the X-axis, so if there is a document that needs to be presented in a landscape format it is easy to adjust. Additionally, the camera features both automatic and manual control of white balance and iris, so it’s ideal for both amateurs and professionals.

Of course, the whole benefit of this device is that the video that it’s capturing is being output directly to whatever type of display that is hooked up to it. For this particular event, we’re hooking the device up to the projector screens directly so that audience members can see everything being presented even at the very back of the room.

The VID-P100 is not designed to be a substitute for a Powerpoint/Projector combo but rather a way to suplement it. AV101 can set up your event to seamlessly switch between a variety of video sources so you can have laptop, DVD player, still graphic logo and the VID-P100 all ready to use at a moment’s notice. Give us a call and we’ll figure out how to make your ideal presentation into a reality.

An Emmy Award Production

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As a leading San Diego event production company, AV101 is often put in charge of some major events for our clients. Tonight is one such night; AV101 is staging the Emmy’s. We are setting up the entire event for a live broadcast on Channel 4 San Diego.

When it comes to large events like this, we are often given special requests by our clients. In this case, the client requested that a large Emmy statuette be projected onto the walls by the main entrance. This effect is accomplished through a specially made gobo that is inserted into our Elipsoidal lights. The gobo is specially designed and laser cut, to ensure a precise match to the original artwork, in this case, the Emmy Statuette outline. As you can see from the photo, the artwork is quite complicated but was still duplicated faithfully.

Additionally, AV101 is in charge of setting the stage (literally) for the event. We provide the lights, props and pipe and drape for the venue. For a gig like this, the setup typically begins around 7:30 am. We will load our gear in to the venue and begin setting up within about 10 minutes of arrival. Depending on the size of the job, this setup process can take anywhere from 6 hours to several days. For this particular event, we came in a day early to set up and get things arranged.

The next day was mostly some fine tuning of all the technical aspects, followed by a rehearsal of the show itself. The rehearsal went great and the Emmy people brought in some top quality entertainment to liven things up on the stage. We loved being a part of the Emmy’s and we’re definitely looking forward to next years’ festivities.

3 Quick Tips for Better Locked-Off Camera Shots

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Today we are working on an event at the fantastic Hyatt Manchester Grand. It’s a great venue and it offers four separate floors of meeting and ballrooms. The event is packed with a full turnout of over 500 educators. Here is a 360 degree view of the floor before the doors are opened and lunch is served. I call this, “the quiet before the storm”.

Occasionally on our shoots, we have a client who wants a video recording of their event but simply does not have the budget to afford a separate camera operator. AV101′s solution for this is to set-up a stationary camera, also known as “Locked-Off” shot.

Although at first glance, it seems very easy to set up a locked-off camera for a given event. Just frame your shot and hit record, right? Well, it’s not quite that simple. There are three things that you can do to ensure that your locked- off camera will record top quality video of your presenters.

  1. Set the camera and tripod up somewhere near the back of the room. Ideally, you’ll want the camera to be elevated (to avoid as many “back of the head” audience silhouettes as possible) and as far from audience members as possible. Zoom all the way in on the presenter on stage and lock the pan, tilt and all other tripod controls down.
  2. Feed the audio output from your mixer into your camera for clean, intelligible audio. The on-camera mic is practically useless for any subject that’s more than 4 feet away, so you want to make sure you’re recording the feed from the mic’s on stage which are fed through the mixer.
  3. Set all the camera controls to manual mode. With a presenter on stage, dial in the appropriate f-stop and lock your exposure to that. If a wide range of different skin tones will be present theoughout the day, check to make sure that darker skinned people are recording properly (open the iris up a bit). Similarly, find a white balance that looks best and lock it in as well. Some types of florescent lights will phase in and out of color temperatures which can cause problems for auto WB.

Armed with those 3 tips, your locked-off video will look far better than before and you’ll feel confident that what you record to camera will match what it really looked like to audience members who attended that day. And of course, regardless of your budget, you can count on AV101 to deliver exactly what you are looking for in an event. If you’ve got a project coming up that could need a professional edge, feel free to contact us.

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